About the WTW

The World Technology Watch (WTW) is the culmination of more than 30 years of corporate expertise in foreign and multinational technology assessment.

It is designed to answer the key questions:

  • What is the technology?
  • What is it used for?
  • Who are the leaders and followers in the field?

Services and Products

Knowledge of current research and development activities for a given country
or region.

Example list of countries from a country reportKey information includes:

  • Technology investment overview
  • Highlights of world leading and state of the art capabilities
  • In-depth descriptions of selected research and development activities

Current information in:

  • State of the art and key fields in research, development, and production
  • Technology applications to commercial and military products
  • Insight into countries and organizations driving and using a given

Customized Reports, Content and Delivery

Reports are customizable in content, format, and delivery medium to match
your organizations goals and objectives.

Reports are deliverable in hard copy, electronic files or as on line
Knowledge Management resources.

Current electronic file formats include:

  • Web-ready HTML, deployable on your Intranet
  • Publication-ready MS Word
  • Additional document formats are available upon request

In addition to providing tailored information, the WTW seeks to promote understanding and dialog regarding the effects and affects of advancing technologies on global society and everyday life. To that end we moderate a number of blogs dealing with a wide range of topics.